Three steps to help students acquire an internship two days a week with a local business or organization.

In 2002 I was the internship coordinator at a newly opened charter school where every single student, starting in ninth grade, had an internship two days a week at a local business…

How to Ignite Student Curiosity and Learning

Everyone loves to be silly sometimes. One thing I’ve learned after a twenty-year career in education is that high school students love to see their teachers take risks and really show themselves. …

How to raise money for your school, improve your school culture, and help other schools get better along the way.

Let’s start feeding each other by opening our school doors instead of paying third parties for professional development.

It goes something like this: one of my favorite jobs ever was being principal of New Technology High School in Napa, the flagship school of the New Tech Network which has over…

Michelle Spencer

Passionate about project-based learning, equity & educational reform. Founder of, consultant to schools, districts and edtech companies.

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